GitHub Suffers From Ongoing Attack

Friday 27th March 2015 at 12:41pm by Bradley D

Over the past 24 hours GitHub has been suffering from a DDOS attack which has been evolving in order to circumvent the preventative measures GitHub has introduced.

The attack was first identified by GitHub at 2am on 26th March and has been ongoing since then with the attack adapting and amplifying as GitHub tries to stop the attack. A DDOS or distributed denial-of-service attack attacks a website by making multiple requests in an attempt to use up the servers resources. Whenever a request is made to a website the website will often query a database or load in external sources, these queries and loads use up a certain amount of memory on the server while the request is being made, generally a server will release any used memory once the request is complete. When you have hundreds or thousands of visitors the amount of memory required to serve the requests will increase and the amount of memory used at any given time will be higher.

Believe it or not simply sitting on a website and repeatedly pressing the refresh button could be considered a denial-of-service attack since you’re unnecessarily using up resources, a distributed denial-of-service attack is essentially multiple people hitting the refresh button but hundreds of times quicker than you can click! An attacker will normally set up an automated bot which will make hundreds of requests a second all from different locations in the world, making it very difficult to stop the attack.


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