70% of your mobile visitors are on the loo!

Monday 2nd September 2013 at 11:28pm by Richard Davey

Responsive Website

A Google study on people's online shopping habits uncovered that 69% of people on mobile devices were actually at home (Google Mobile Ads Blog, 2012). This percentage is much higher than people expect and is changing web designers perceptions of what a 'mobile' user is.

Another study in the US found that over 70% of mobile phone users used their phone while on the loo (11mark, 2012)!

While we understand that all website audiences differ, when looking back at our own site analytics 20% of our visitors during March 2013 were using mobile devices. This value although is not as high as reported by Google, is definitely large enough for us to sit up and take notice.

Of our new visitors alone, 45% were using a mobile device. It is important to cater for new visitors and especially those on mobile devices. Referring to our other article '2 Seconds to Sell Your Site', mobile users can easily be put off by un-optimised pages and content. In this case it also applies for mobile devices, which would otherwise capture the readers attention if viewed on a normal device. Below are 2 screenshots, one of a mobile friendly contact page (on the left), and the other of a normal and un-optimised contact form (on the right). You can guess which one is more likely to convince people to part with their contact information!

Responsive Form Examples

The best way to cater for your mobile audience is to create a 'responsive' website. Having a single site that works across all devices prevents having to duplicate content and cuts the hassle of maintaining multiple sites.

Responsive websites aren't ideal for all companies, but if you are looking at a website redesign or looking to get online why not consider a responsive design from the outset. If you would like more information on responsive sites and how well they could work for your business, then please get in touch. We can help you decipher your website analytics and let you know what would be best suit your company and keep your website visitors coming back for more!


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